Warning Signs of Depression

“The Most Common Warning Signs of Depression Are…”

  • You sleep a lot more or less than you used to
  • You feel tired all the time
  • You struggle to focus, make decisions, or remember details
  • You feel irritable or annoyed
  • You experience feelings of helplessness, like you have no control in your life
  • You are often negative or pessimistic
  • You have aches and pains, headaches, cramps, or digestive problems that won’t go away
  • You’ve lost interest in activities or hobbies you used to enjoy

Mounting scientific evidence shows that ignoring the warning signs of depression can have serious effects on your long-term health, including substance abuse, social withdrawal, damage to your heart, and increased likelihood of dying early.

Now’s the time for you to fight back.  Instead of relying on dangerous pharmaceutical drugs, learn more about treating depression naturally.  Adding natural supplements for depression to your diet is a great way to prevent further depression and manage your current symptoms.